Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Peace and Grace

How does one handle sensitive situations? Just recently I have had two friends who have lost people near to them. One man died from a heart attack and the young woman had a tragic accident wake boarding and is now in a coma. When comforting a friend what are the right words to say? I just wanted to be there for them. I just wanted to let them know that I care for them and what they are going through. I think the best thing to pray for is just peace. Peace in the midst of the storm. One of the ways the devil will try to take a hold of us is through fear and calamity. He will do everything he can to stop the peace. When Paul, Silas, and Timothy wrote to the church in Thessalonica, they prayed that God would grant them grace and peace. (1 Thess.)
Why did they pray this? Because GRACE and PEACE are characteristics of a Christian life. I just counted NINE times that Paul wrote to the churches and prayed that God would give them GRACE and PEACE. If Paul thought it was important to pray this over God's people and church back then, we need to be following in his footsteps. We should be praying this over OUR lives, our families, and our friends! We NEED the PEACE and Grace of the Lord!

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